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The Elite

"...Elite Transitions, developed a reputation of unusual excellence, including being known, not only for our attention to detail, communication skills, and patience with end users, but also for highly organized moves with minimal down time.  We are told both by our clients and many of their vendors that no one else offers the premium level of services or the results that we provide to our clients."

The Experience

 From small privately held companies to multi-billion dollar international corporations, our clients have been protected from the negative impacts associated with all the processes of relocating to a new facility.  But more than being protected, they have been enabled to turn their relocation into an opportunity to positively enhance their company’s culture, performance, and position in the marketplace.

 Most companies have experienced, and in fact, often expect the nightmare of a facility move.  "Only the naïve could dream of the perfect move...unless you're one of those who have experienced one!"

What We Do

 We have been facility tailors and tenant advocates, providing strategic facilities analysis, programming and design, project management, relocation management, and other related specialized services to those involved in a project team at various stages in the life of the project.

 In the area of relocation and program management, we offer a unique perspective to our clients based on many years of experience in managing, designing, and building facilities, in various environments.  We understand the role of a building space as a tool in the productivity of its individual users.  We understand the critical details necessary to ensure full functionality immediately on the day a space goes into full operation for the first time.

 My experience...has been nothing but positive, finding them to be team players, a firm who shares a client’s urgencies and acts accordingly, are detail oriented, and very cost conscious.”


- Dennis Martello, Health Net, (2800+ people, multiple buildings in 3 cities)


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